Wharton Consulting was founded in May 2000 as a brand-new enterprise offering consultancy services across all sectors of the sports industry, and specialising in the following:

  • strategic and business planning
  • performance planning and implementation
  • management and administration
  • governance solutions and development
  • people development and mentoring
  • tournament planning and event management
  • minimum standards and franchise systems
  • competition development
  • participation development
  • anti-racism programmes
  • marketing, PR and sponsorship

Wharton Consulting has a unique focus on policy, planning, strategy and structures for sport. A large proportion of our work is conducted within the national governing body environment, especially where this relates to Government and Sports Council strategies for sport. We offer services related to business, development and planning, and we specialise in programmes, systems and structures for the identification, development and preparation of talented and elite athletes – working in and around the funding programmes which the Sports Councils deliver to support activities in these vital areas.

Wharton Consulting is also heavily involved in the Sports Councils’ governing body modernisation programmes, working with national governing bodies of sport in the UK and England to create a strategic vision for their future, an operational plan which will realise that vision, and an improved governance and management structure which will enable the delivery of that plan.

Wharton Consulting has been accepted by Sport England on to its roster of approved consultants for governance work, while Neil Tunnicliffe and Sarah Rowell have both been members of the register of World Class Advisers which was maintained jointly by UK Sport and Sport England.

Who are we?

  • Wharton Consulting is a collective of consultants who specialise in the sports industry, providing services to national governing bodies, amateur and professional clubs, and volunteer-led sports associations
  • The collective includes a former Chief Executive of a “Big Five” governing body of sport, a former Director of Sport within an international federation, a former Head of Investment and Governance at UK Sport, and a former National Technical Consultant to the English Institute of Sport.
  • Our associates offer a wealth of experience from their work in Olympic and Commonwealth sports, in Sports Councils and national governing bodies of sport, and in elite and grassroots coaching and clubs

What do we do?

  • We offer management consultancy services across a wide range of sectors within the sports industry
  • Our specialisms are in performance programmes and  planning, business and strategic planning, governance solutions and management modernisation, and people development.  Our consultants are formally recognised for their expertise within governance support by the Sports Councils, and in mentoring by UK Sport.
  • We also offer niche services in domestic competition development, especially franchise-led elite leagues; also in the development of sports science and medicine support services, and in Paralympic performance development

Who are our clients?

  • We have been commissioned by the Sports Councils of the United Kingdom, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland
  • We have worked with over 50 different governing bodies of sport, from the Rugby Football Union, Lawn Tennis Association and UK:Athletics to the Great Britain Boccia Federation, Ice Hockey UK and England Handball.
  • We have also conducted projects for agencies such as the Welsh Assembly Government, British Olympic and Paralympic Associations, the English and Irish Institutes of Sport, the Youth Sport Trust, the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences and the Joshoor Institute in Qatar.

Why choose Wharton?

  • There is no one within our collective who has not “been there and done it” on the front line of national and international sports bodies – thus giving us a unique empathy with our clients
  • We pride ourselves on the quality of our outputs, and the cost-effectiveness of our services
  • You get what you see – there are no juniors within our agency; we don’t learn at our clients’ expense