Who are we?

  • Wharton Consulting is a collective of self-employed consultants who specialise in the sports sector, working with organisations and individuals at professional, elite and amateur levels
  • Our consultants are formally recognised for their expertise in mentoring, coaching support and performance planning by UK Sport, and have also been formally recognised for their expertise in governance solutions by Sport England and UK Sport
  • Wharton Consulting has a variety of associates with whom we work when complementary expertise, including in HR, is required

Who are our people?

  • Neil Tunnicliffe is a former Chief Executive of a “Big Five” governing body of sport, with a 20 year track record of high-level consultancy within the sports sector. A knowledgeable all-rounder who has practical experience in a variety of disciplines, Neil has specific expertise in talent development and high performance planning and programmes, strategic reviews and business planning, and has delivered competition reviews in major team sports which have produced step-change within their landscapes. Quick on the uptake, well-resourced, innovative and outcome-focused, he takes a pride in the quality of his work and in adding value to all projects
  • Sarah Rowell is a committed and insightful senior professional specialising in people and systemic development, with a focus and expertise in high performance sport, building on her own career as an elite athlete and early scientific training. She has extensive experience of developing people, both individually and via more structured programme settings, and has worked with a wide range of high performance sports organisations and NGBs, providing strategic, development and implementation support. Able to grasp ideas and concepts quickly and see the big-picture implications, she has a strong reputation for relationship-building, being constructively forthright when it matters, and for managing complex and multifaceted situations without losing sight of the end goal
  • Simon Le Fevre had 20 years’ experience in senior management roles in the financial services industry before moving into the sports sector in 2006. He is widely recognised for his breadth of experience in corporate governance, having held the posts of Head of Investment & Governance at UK Sport and Interim Head of Corporate Governance at Sport England. Simon brings a wealth of practical business expertise and common-sense problem-solving to his work, allied with the attention to detail that is fundamental to successful corporate governance and regulatory compliance. He has a strong sense of ethical integrity developed over more than 35 years’ experience as a trustee for various charities

What do we do?

  • We offer management consultancy services across a wide range of aspects within the sports sector
  • Our specialisms are in:
    • Talent development programmes and planning
    • Performance programmes and  planning
    • Business and strategic planning
    • Governance solutions and management modernisation
    • People development
  • We also offer niche services in:
    • Domestic competition review and development, especially franchise-led elite leagues;
    • The review and development of pathway and performance support programmes for both athletes and coaches; and
    • Corporate governance enhancements for Active Partnerships (formerly County Sports Partnerships), including options for “independent” structures compared with “hosted” arrangements.

How do we work?

  • Whether we are working with clients by using our individual specialist expertise, or by pooling our collective skills and experience, our approach to working with you is unique in that it is bespoke to your requirements, not an off-the-shelf solution or model. We will therefore always want to spend quality time at the start of each project getting to know you and your direction of travel, to fully understand what is required and what a successful outcome would look and feel like for you

Who are our clients?

  • We have been commissioned by the Sports Councils of the United Kingdom, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland
  • We have worked with over 60 different international federations and governing bodies of sport, from the Rugby Football Union, England & Wales Cricket Board and UK:Athletics to Boccia UK, British Ice Skating and England Handball
  • We have also conducted projects for authorities, agencies and sports sector bodies such as the Welsh Government, British Olympic and Paralympic Associations, the English and Irish Institutes of Sport, the Youth Sport Trust, the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences, the Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme, Loughborough University, Active Partners Trust, North-North-East Active Partnership, and the Joshoor Institute in Qatar

Why choose Wharton?

  • There is no one among our consultants who has not “been there and done it” on the front line of national and international sports bodies – thus giving us a unique empathy with our clients
  • We pride ourselves on the quality of our outputs, and the cost-effectiveness of our services
  • You get what you see – there are no juniors within our agency; we don’t learn at our clients’ expense

How to contact us

  • Call us on +44 (1423) 876342, or email us
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