At the end of March Wharton Consulting completed a governance project on behalf of BSUK which had two aims: first, to ensure that the Board of BSUK is populated with individuals with the right skills and experience to manage the business of the organisation; and second, to review and comment on the set-up of BSUK, and the partnership which exists within it between the British Baseball Federation and the British Softball Federation. Through Neil Tunnicliffe and Simon Le Fevre, Wharton were able to make specific recommendations as to how BBF and BSF might reach a position where they nominate individuals to serve on the BSUK Board who have the skill set required by BSUK; and also to describe a range of alternative options for the partnership, together with pros and cons for each one. The project was funded by Sport England, as part of their investment programme to generate improvements in NGB governance over the period to 2017.

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