• Our consultancy service is built on getting to know our clients and their needs as quickly and thoroughly as possible; the desire to create the extra percentage point that separates the great from the good, and a guarantee of high-quality, on-time and in-budget results.


  • We do not use off-the-shelf solutions for any of our work. Instead, we take the time to understand each client, their unique circumstances, the stakeholders they need to engage, and the outcomes they want to achieve. We then select and apply the approaches and tools that will enable us to create a bespoke solution which is fit for purpose.


  • We pride ourselves on our values:
    • Empathy – we put ourselves in our clients’ shoes, whether we’ve previously worn similar ones or not, and we try to understand how and why they are where they are
    • Trust – what we do is often delicate and confidential, and requires considerable trust, which we work hard to develop and maintain
    • Honesty – we will always give honest and independent opinions, even if at times that requires a challenging and appropriately nuanced conversation

Finally, we firmly believe in creating ownership and self-reliance in our clients : a key measure of our success is when our clients no longer need our services.

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