As you’ll no doubt be aware, the General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR) comes into force on Friday 25 May. We at Wharton Consulting hold an amount of personal data either as a result of work that we’ve done over the past few years, or because we have professional connections which we’ve generated through our normal course of business.

We hold on to some contact details because we value our network of connections within the world of sport, and we’d like to stay in touch with these people in future. We take our responsibility regarding the safety of information very seriously, and are fully committed to protecting it and being open and transparent about what we hold.

Our usual practice, subject to our clients’ agreement, is either to delete information which is generated through consultancy contracts as and when those contracts are completed; or to hold on to information for the purposes of client aftercare, in case that information is needed to support the implementation of a project. If the latter, we will retain the information for a reasonable period of time (until it is agreed that it is no longer needed, or the minimum six years which is required by the Companies Act).

The attached Privacy Policy sets out how we collect and manage data, and your rights in respect of that data. If you wish to know what data we hold on you, your organisation and stakeholders, or you wish that information to be deleted – or if you would like to see our Data Protection Policy, for more details on our internal processes for keeping your data safe – please don’t hesitate to contact Neil Tunnicliffe via the contact details given elsewhere within this website.

Wharton GDPR Privacy Policy – final, May 2018

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