Wharton Consulting was founded in May 2000 as a specialist sports consultancy led by people with direct experience of participation, leadership and management at the highest level of sport. Our primary areas of expertise are strategy, talent development and performance planning, people development, governance solutions and competition reviews within the sports sector.

A large proportion of our work is conducted within the national governing body environment, especially where this relates to Government and Sports Council strategies for sport – working in and around the funding programmes which the Sports Councils deliver to support performance, talent, development, and governance activities. Our consultancy service is built on developing personal knowledge of the needs of our clients, the desire to create the extra percentage point that separates the great from the good, and a guarantee of high-quality and on-time results.

Additionally we work one-to-one with individuals, as well as via bespoke programmes, to support the development of leaders, coaches and performance support staff in sport; and we work on corporate governance solutions for Active Partnerships and other specialist agencies in the sports sector (Click here) for our Service Offer for Active Partnerships, working in collaboration with Kraft HR Consulting Ltd).